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At Data2ools, we understand the intricate needs of public health labs, pharmaceutical entities, and clinical laboratories and we specialize in tailoring bespoke solutions that align with the unique challenges and requirements of each sector. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, we empower our clients to navigate the complex landscape of laboratory information management with precision and ease.

Our process is simple, pragmatic and focused on predictable results.

  • We act as the laboratory liaison serving as a vital link between the lab team and software implementation team during LIMS deployment. We gather lab requirements, translate them into comprehensive software requirements, offer tailored feedback on system configurations, provide comprehensive training, and ensure ongoing support

  • We prioritize your time and involvement in steering project development. Engage with us in essential Scrum ceremonies—sprint planning, sprint review, and backlog refinement—to ensure deliverables align with your project scope and maintain control over the process.

  • Elevate your deployment into Production process with our dedicated support. Whether it's for scheduled production updates or unforeseen incidents, count on us to provide timely assistance tailored to your needs. Our commitment is to ensure seamless production operations and your continued success.

  • Depending on your particular LIMS implementation we may be able to create monitoring logs so we can make sure everything works smoothly in your Production environment following an update. In any case we will be working closely with you and making sure that any possible defect is resolved promptly.

Value proposition

Welcome to our corner at Data2ools, a small family-owned LIMS consulting firm where quality meets dedication. Despite our size, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch services, driven by our agile approach and client-oriented attitude. With us, your success is our priority.

  • Predictable Agile Process: Our structured yet adaptable approach ensures predictability in project timelines and outcomes, empowering clients with control and visibility at every stage of development.
  • Transparent Communication: We maintain an open and responsive communication channel, facilitating real-time collaboration and feedback to swiftly address client needs and ensure project alignment.
  • Domain Expertise Integration: Leveraging our deep knowledge of laboratory workflows, we adeptly translate client requirements into precise software specifications, ensuring tailored solutions that optimize operations and adhere to regulatory standards such as CFR 21 Part 11 and HIPAA.
  • Iterative Development: Through iterative development cycles, we foster continuous improvement and flexibility, enabling clients to prioritize and pivot as needed while maintaining momentum towards project objectives.
  • Client-Centric Focus: With a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction, we tailor our solutions to address unique challenges, delivering tangible value and measurable impact aligned with our clients' strategic goals.


We're here to help you navigate the rapid changes.

LIMS Development

Either you need a new interface to an instrument or a new report, we're here to help with your Laboratory Information Management System. From modifying a user interace to implementing complex new features going through the full software development life cycle.

LIMS Validation

We offer a wide array of QA/QC services, from designing and implementing test cases and test plans to test automation. We record, document and keep track of the bugs and issues so we can provide comprehensive quality assurance metrics for your product.

LIMS Support and Administration

We are your subject matter experts and can help with building configurations, managing users and roles, creating or modifying reports. We do training sessions and produce documentation as needed.

Why choose us?

Select us as your long-term LIMS implementation partner so you can focus on doing what you know best.

In real life the requirements of a project may change, sometimes even late in the development. We baked the agile principles into every step our process so we can rapidly respond to these changes for the customer’s competitive edge.

Be agile when it comes to allocating your resources! You need additional resources but the process of hiring up FTE's is complicated and takes too long? We can provide support per sprint, per task or per hour. Complementary

Bespoke customer service

We’re not the regular 9 to 5 company. We understand that some of the operations are mission critical. We’re here to help making your interaction with LIMS seamless so you can focus on your activity. We schedule our resources so we can cover up to 16 hours daily. In this way we can stay engaged with you and respond to your needs regardless of the time zone you are located in.

Agile methodology

Using the Agile methodology in executing the projects has multiple benefits for our clients. This allows us to focus on individuals over processes and tools, to deliver usable software in short and continuous cycles, to respond and adapt to changing requirements or partial requirements and most importantly, we make the customer collaboration the pillar of our success.

Focus on results

Our mission is to bring real business value with every deliverable that goes into our clients’ production systems. We take a very pragmatic path and help the stakeholders discern between “wants” and “needs” while staying observant of the end results.

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